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Marina Markova

Decorating Artist

   Originally from Kazan, the place of the interface between the civilization of the East and the West. Cultural duality greatly influenced her perception of beauty and becoming an artist. In her work, Marina tries to combine a bright colour, decorativeness of Eastern culture and strict classical forms, the fundamental nature of Western art.

   She has a lot of years of study and work in the field of interior design. She graduated from the KSU named after Feshin in Kazan (1998-2003) department "Design Environment". Then she studied the restoration work in Moscow.

   In the work she pays special attention to the harmonious combination of various forms, textures and color combinations, with the aim of creating a new, nothing like living space, filled with harmony, beauty and functionality.

Irina Pillot

Designer decorator

   Originally from St. Petersburg, Irina lives and works in France since 1998. Her hometown greatly influenced the developement of artistic perception and gave a sense of beauty.

   Walking in the Hermitage, especially on the last floor, where the paintings of the French Impressionists live, their sky, sea, sun, bright colours of the gardens of old France, studing at the St. Petersburg State Industrial Academy (1992 -1998) and learning of French literature in the Sorbonne, Art managing in the International Gallery of Modern Art in Bordeaux, gave a taste for work with a space of various shapes and sizes.

   This Franco-Russian cultural bridge finally formed its relation to artistic interiors.

Olga Snetkova 

Stylist designer

   Olga graduated from the Moscow Academy of Industry of Textile.
She lives and works in France since 2010.
Professional Tailor, stylist, fabric decorator.

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